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We design and develop Integral Architectural and Urban Projects with a professional approach using the latest methodologies and technologies.

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Carlos E Cabrera M  |  CEO – Architect, MBIArch.

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Néstor E Cabrera M  |  CBDO – MEE Engineer, BME PhD.

CAMUZ is a full-service concept-to-completion architectural firm.

We design and develop Integral Projects throughout all phases of construction that goes all the way from planning to building post-occupancy; thinking about Architecture and Urbanism within a social, financial, and energetic framework in constant change.

Our goal is to help our clients; real estate developers, builders, and architects to have a better Return Of Investment, by saving fabrication and construction costs through the full potential of BIM.

the integration of technological, social, and economical requirements,
biological necessities, and the psychological effects of
materials, shape, color, volume, and space.


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External Training Agent / Labor and Social Security Section

Urban and Landscape Design / Colegio de Arquitectos de León, AC

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

National Council for the Registration of Professional Certification / FCARM

Certified Professional / Autodesk

Architectural Designer / Urban Development Agency León

Responsible Director for Construction / Urban Development Agency León


Building Performance Analysis Certificate

2011 _ Honors

Co-[lab].oratory / BIArch Productive Land Program

2011 _ Special Mention

Hotel Arts Barcelona / BIArch Building Technologies


Our clients love us! But don’t just take our word for it – read some testimonials!

"With the BIM Development of the Fracc. Real Arboledas we were able to visualize each element in the best way and we were able to optimize time, cost and effort. The results were fantastic!"
"At PCA we were able to see the benefit of the BIM project development of ANISA, which allowed us to solve some structural and MEP systems issues on site, which had not been resolved by the initial engineers."
"They are incredibly professional, very experienced at what they do, and I will definitely use them on other projects!"
"Look at the craziness you built! 🙂 Are you ready for more?!"
"Carlos, I'm impressed with what you have done so far. Good job! Thanks"
"Carlos the presentation looks awesome! I will be able to send it to the client today. Thank you very much team!"
Abraham Achar / International Building Systems, LLC
"Carlos is a very hard-working and orderly person. He collaborated with TAL in most of the projects we have carried out, and has been a fundamental piece for the growth and development of this architecture office, which we are very grateful and satisfied with. his work. He has the knowledge and ability to design and develop any type of architectural project. His relationship with the people in the workshop and with the client is excellent. "
"Carlos proved to be a person with great passion and motivation to learn from both his teachers and his classmates. He participated for 3 semesters as a visiting professor at the architecture workshop at ITESM, where he demonstrated great responsibility, adaptability, and enormous motivation to transmit his knowledge, which was then reflected in the high project level of his students. "
"Carlos's character and dedication at JDS conveyed more than hard work and ambitions in becoming a great architect. His complete knowledge and skill of an architect's software palette proved competent and sharp in executing rigorous design conditions and ceaseless methods. With every task forwarded to him, he was able to respond with a masterpiece of tastey flavours and even new limitless attributes to our satisfaction. His international flair absolutely shines, professionally with his abroad experiences and even socially as a kind friend."