ITESM – 2007

Monterrey, MX


prof. † Agustín Landa V.

CAMUZ_CP6400 Housing_Exterior Street View
CAMUZ_CP6400 Housing_Interior Courtyard
CAMUZ_CP6400 Housing_Apartment Interior-Exterior Bridges
CAMUZ_CP6400 Housing_Apartment Interior-Exterior Stairs
CAMUZ_CP6400 Housing_Apartment Interior
CAMUZ_CP6400 Housing_Vertical Core

About this project

program: housing & mixed-use
surface: 238,312 ft²

The zone of intervention comprehends a paired-linear series of blocks that runs along with Fco. I. Madero and Colón (high line metro) avenues. Nowadays, the zone has low density, programmatic disorder, lack of green areas, and lack of walkability, which generate insecurity and break the urban logic. The proposal seeks to solve these in 2 phases.

PHASE 1 (parallel to Fco. I. Madero and Colón)
Containing the block with ordered commerce (ground level) and housing (superior levels), the core is insulated from the street noise. By having 3 different house units, blocks can grow according to demand. The interior corridor leaves views to the interior and the exterior of the block.