Productive Land Program

BIArch – 2011

Lleida, ES

** Honors


w/ Anne Strüwing, Ala’ Zreigat

prof. Joan Roig, Anna Viader Soler, María Buhigas, Marc Montlleó

About this project

program: productive landscape
surface: 1,000 Ac.

The productive land program is a 3-week design lab intended to research and discuss the productive and energetic capacities of the land in a semi-rural context. The social framework within which the course operates is determined by the actual financial, political, and energetic crisis.

The land is located on the outskirts of the city of Lleida, is divided by the river Segre, and in the south-west borders a nature reserve and a pre-cast concrete plant.

The project is based on Industrial Hemp a poly-productive crop, from which you can harvest:
-Seeds (containing essential amino-acids and fat-acids)
-Long stem fibers (strongest natural fibers in the world, stronger than cotton)
-Inner pulp

Industrial Hemp is an excellent resource to produce bio-diesel (every crop unleashes a huge amount of oxygen, the same amount of oxygen burnt to produce it, making it a closed cycle) medicine (without side-effects), “archival” quality paper and hempcrete used as a material for construction and insulation.

Thus, profiting from the site’s on-going concrete factory, the project proposal seeks synergy between the landowners and the factory, to become a single crop site with a multi-productive projection.