Vertical Scapes

BIArch – 2011

Barcelona, ES

w/ Anne Strüwing

prof. Iñaki Ábalos, Javier García-Germán

About this project

program: mixed-use, aeolic energy generation
surface: 557,570 ft²

Air performers are a bundle of towers working as a big organism that exchanges air with its surroundings. Working as an entity, air performers embody 3 main shaft families:

-Natural Ventilation. Bernoulli principles, stack effect, and Coanda effect.
-Green Filter. Vegetation for cooling and purifying air through photosynthesis.
-Energy. Wind harvest, taking into consideration the profile exponent of the site, wind currents are manipulated through solar chimney techniques.

Performative technical and climatic data is gathered, analyzed, and implemented into the project through digital parametric tools, while social and cultural data is an intuitive and current resource. The materialization and design of the project is a result of the parametric approach that informs the building and the elasticity of that process. The aim is to develop a system that establishes a relevant conversation that puts together cultural ideas and technical parameters.