Constitución Condominiums

Competition – 2009

Monterrey, MX

w/ Carlos Fonseca, Federico Taboada

About this project

program: social housing, mixed-use tower, public space
surface: n/a ft²

The proposed regeneration for Constitución Condominiums returns the residents their housing, which the government has forgotten to attend. Through a modular pre-fabricated and self-constructible system, each user is free to set their home; and thereby awakens a sense of belonging that has been forgotten.

The original masterplan from the early ’50s had as main objective the development of collective housing centers, attending to the housing problem of those times. Currently, seeing that the problem has not been resolved, the proposal suggests the focus of housing blocks, plazas, green corridors, recreation areas, and cultural centers for the solution of the housing complex taking into consideration the city as a whole. One solution for another.

Respecting the original structure and planning a secondary system, this proposal will regenerate entirely all existing buildings, by demolishing only 30% of them; the corners, for creating green areas, where underground parking will solve the problem of the parking lot and free the interior from cars. This results in a green belt that encloses the project. The project has two circulations, one green and one blue, where the garden and water intersect, projecting a rich walkthrough experience. The primary school was rehabilitated with the same structural system and a public library is proposed in the mixed-use tower, allowing for space with great connectivity.