Praná Assisted Living

2012 – León, MX

project: Carlos Cabrera
team: Mariana Bracamontes, Mariana Hernández

About this project

program: assisted living
surface: +150,000 ft²

The concept of the project was born from the question, How can we change the perception of the Assisted Living centers?

All living beings and human beings arose, and we exist within the dynamic processes and phenomena of the natural world. All forms of nature have “architecture”, an arrangement of matter in space and time that determines their shape, size, behavior, duration, and how they came to be.

The circle represents completeness and wholeness. The circle has been used as a symbol of Eternity and Unity. Like eternity because it has no beginning or end and always returns to the same point. Furthermore, it contains everything, which is why it is also a symbol of Unity, especially when the center is present in it.

The ‘Flower of Life’ is the name given to a geometric figure that represents the mitosis process through which every living being begins its journey.

With the “circle” and the “Flower of Life”, the Praná Assisted Living center returns that ‘Breath of Life’ to its residents so that they can have a full life in harmony with the environment and its inhabitants.